Fresh Hope – 16th July 2016

Difficult circumstances don’t mean that God has left you. Hard times don’t mean He’s not around.

In fact, it’s through those times that often the best comes out.

A crisis is sometimes just what you need!

It’s not what happens to you that matters, but what you do with what happens to you.

Jesus fed the five thousand. We’ve all heard that story. Yet, what many of us don’t know, is that just a couple of verses before, his very good friend John (the Baptist) was beheaded.

His followers came to Jesus with the news and Jesus was expected to move on and minister to the crowds.

Yes, and that’s exactly what He did do.
The verses in Matthew 14 tell us that He took a moment to talk to His father and then He got up and did what He was called to do.

When something bad happens to us (and most of the time, it’s not going to be as bad as this) instead of getting up with a great heart and attitude and carry on, we retreat or hide or say “no way.”

Take Jesus’ example today and take a moment to talk to God about your difficulty, ask Him for His peace and strength, then move on to what you are supposed to be doing.

Let Him shine through you despite them and in doing so many lives, including your own, will be enriched.
Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.