Fresh Hope – 21st July 2016

At school, I wasn’t very good at PE. Take netball for example, (or any game for that matter); I was always keen to be on the team (I really didn’t like missing out) but never seemed to know where I was meant to be at any given moment because I wasn’t paying enough attention. So when a teammate would throw the ball to me, I’d often miss my opportunity and not catch it or if I did catch it, not know what to do next.

My intentions were good but I wouldn’t listen to my teacher when they told me¬†what I was meant to be doing.

What are the dreams in your heart? It may be that you are dreaming big dreams and believing for big things. Life with God is big! That’s how we’re called to live. But are you ready? Are you positioned correctly? If everything you are believing for turned up in your life tomorrow, how prepared would you be?

Don’t be like I was in my PE lessons and miss opportunities because you aren’t paying attention and don’t follow instructions. Seek God to guide you into who He wants you to become, so that those dreams can come to pass. When you’re in the right place, following His voice, you’ll be amazed at what can happen and who you can become.

Melissa Reynolds-Lawrence

A daily devotion for a better way of living.