Fresh Hope – 6th August 2016

I’m a dog lover. Please don’t switch off if you aren’t…

We have a very well behaved and well trained Labrador, Snoop. And we have a slightly unpredictable Shihtzu, Percy.

There are certain things that you can’t do with Percy, because if you do, he may react to you in a bad way.

Percy came from another home, where they said he had ‘behavioural problems’. Everyone deserves a second chance.
Wherever you’ve come from , and whatever your background, there is hope for you.

When you get planted into a good environment with people who are like you need to be, slowly but surely, you’ll start to change.

A strong and loving environment is what people need to help their change.
Yes, they’ll need discipline. Yes, they’ll need correction. But with the right amount of that and plenty of love and acceptance thrown in, sooner or later you’ll never know the difference.

Not everyone comes ‘ready made’. Most of us are in flat pack form.

We believe in making room for those from all backgrounds and circumstances, knowing that just as God loves me, He so loves them also.

Before you see gold, you’ll see a dirty chunk of metal and before you see a diamond, you’ll see a dirty piece of rock.

People may need your patience. They also need your love.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.