Fresh Hope – 12th August 2016

If you pour a kettle of water over a tea bag and the colour of the water doesn’t change you instantly know what the issue is…you forgot to boil the kettle.

You can make tea with cold water, but the flavour will never diffuse out of the tea bag – heat is needed.
When water molecules are heated, they move about faster and so more effectively penetrate the tea bag, drawing out the flavour.

In our lives, we are all trying to make a good cup of tea (bear with me, if you don’t like tea).

You can spend your life making a weak insipid cold cup or you can make a lovely attractive hot brew!

It all depends on your heat. The thing is, no one really enjoys being in ‘hot water’, but it’s vital if we want to grow and be stretched.

There are many examples of how heat is used to refine valuable sought after items, such as gold in a furnace, and our lives are the same. If you really want to make the most of life and enjoy it (which I believe is important, why would God want us to be miserable?) I encourage you to embrace being in the hot water of the trials we face. Don’t just see them as a nuisance to be dealt with as soon as possible before you can even consider moving on and being happy.

See them as challenges to be won, be competitive in them, try and see that your capacity to deal with things and lead others in life is increasing as you go through that trial.

There will always be some kind of hot water. Imagine living a whole life where you are never stretched or come up against an obstacle? So the sooner we can change our mindset to see the positives of going through the trial, the better.

As you read this today, you may well be in hot water! Trust God and keep stewing, it is bringing (if you choose so) the flavour of God into your life, increasing your ability to carry loads and lead people in your life!

You can make tea with cold water, but who would enjoy it? Keep stewing!

Luke Cartwright

A daily devotion for a better way of living.