Fresh Hope – 26th August 2016

I’m sure that we have all experienced innocently overhearing someone’s else’s conversation when sitting in a coffee shop or restaurant.

It is especially difficult to pull back, when what they are talking about is either really interesting or highly amusing.

Just last week, I was sitting next to a couple of ladies who were talking about their husband’s failings, and I have to be honest, I couldn’t help but tune in to find out what was making them so vocal.

The one lady was telling the other how much her husband irritated her every evening when it was time for him to go to bed.

She went on to say how every night for 26 years he would go to the four-way light switches at the bottom of the stairs and try them all before selecting the right one to put the landing light on.

The story not only made for great listening knowing that he hadn’t memorised the sequence of four switches in 26 years, but what came next made it worth being nosey for a few moments; her parting shot to the other went like this…”and to think he’s an electrician aswell!!”

Albert Einstein said that the definition of insanity was to keep doing the same things over and over again whilst believing for different results.

We may smile at the conversation, but in reality, how many of us are doing the same thing in our day to day lives?

We keep repeating the same things, but hope that the outcome will be different.

Knowledge tells us that the four light switches turn on four different sets of lights. Each switch will never turn on a different light no matter how much you expect it to. Wisdom however, tells you which switch turns on which light. Once you have learnt that simple process, all you have to do is apply the same wisdom and you get light.

Two questions for today…

Are you trying every switch in the hope of somehow stumbling on the right one?

Are you willing to learn and get wisdom so that you no longer have to guess how to get success?

So many people have so much knowledge but they have know idea how to apply it, simply because they refuse to learn.

Knowledge without wisdom is still as ineffective almost as no knowledge at all.

Make some new choices today to break out of the same old patterns of ignorance and make it your goal to get smart.

Pastor Mark

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