Fresh Hope – 7th September 2016

What conversation do you need to have today in order to bring about change? Your voice has the power to usher in something new.

History is littered with great speeches that have literally changed the landscape of our world.

What we leave unchallenged, we are actually giving permission for.

Challenging our children, our colleagues, our spouses, our friends or even ourselves, is never an easy business, but it brings with it the rewards of change.

I well remember sitting as a young Pastor in a group of ‘stuck-in-mud’ people, far more senior than myself, and challenging the way they had run things in the children’s department for years. I was instantly met with opposition and basically told that they wouldn’t be buying into my new ideas. I informed them that they could each stand down if they didn’t like it, but I would be moving ahead whatever their decision.

My one challenging conversation that night resulted in quite a bit of upheaval, but the results were far beyond anyone’s wildest dreams, as a brand new era was born. Within months the transformation of a children’s department that had been running at around 30 for decades took place, and saw it replaced with a new model that bought in five times that amount.

One conversation was all that it took to get the ball rolling.

I urge you today to have that one conversation that you know you need to, but are scared to do  – don’t let fear hijack you any further.

Right now, identify that one conversation and plan to have it within the next week.

Trust me…it’ll be worth it.

Pastor Mark

A daily devotion for a better way of living.