Fresh Hope – 10th September 2016

You won’t ever become anything great in life without a challenge.
How often do we want to be better? Yet we don’t actually like the challenge.
How many times have we prayed “Lord make me more like you?”- yet when God challenges us, we don’t appreciate it and decide not to change.

Growth will only ever come about when we are challenged. Start to see challenges in your life not as an enemy but as a friend.
If you are going through a storm right now, a difficulty, or even a bump in the road, take that challenge and ask God ‘what is it that I should be learning right now that will help me through this time and make me come out stronger, more mature and better than when I went in?’

Our eyes and focus should not just be on the destination, but on that which we are going through right now that can help us, mould us, change us, and make us more like we should be. Too often we want to get out of the situation so quickly, that we don’t learn from the difficulty.

Start to see challenge as a good thing. As long as your attitude is right (and that is a big key), you will embrace this process and most importantly, grow through it.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.