Fresh Hope – 22nd September 2016

I’ve been interested this past week in reading how many people ‘ran’ to Jesus.

In Mark 5, the man who was in desperate need because he was in mental torment RAN to Jesus because he knew no one else could help him, but maybe Jesus could.

In Mark 10, a young man with many questions RAN to Jesus to get his questions answered – questions about eternal life, that were very important to him.

In Luke 19, the story of Zacchaeus is a very famous one- his life wasn’t right, he was involved in deceit and wrong doing, but did we know that he actually RAN to that tree so that he could see Jesus?

Whatever your situation today, whether desperately in need of a miracle, or you have questions that need answering or you want to get your life right…RUN to Jesus.
HE has your answer and HE is there waiting for you.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.