Fresh Hope – 8th October 2016

The Israelites were God’s chosen people and yet we read that for seven years, they did evil and went away from God. (Judges 6)
I think God was angry with them, because it says that God had given them over to the Midianite army (which was their enemy).
Every seed that they had sown was destroyed and everything they had, got stolen – not a good situation to be in!
They went through a time of severe famine.

There’s always a cost if you take your eyes off God and a cost if you disobey Him.
Why is it that we can sometimes get into a mess and blame God?

When they disobeyed repeatedly, God gave them into the hands of the Midianites.
Disobedience will bring you into a place where you don’t like it and you won’t want to be. Disobedience is not worth it.

God is a God of love and a God of grace and a God of mercy, but when we go our own way and do our own stupid things and shut God out, then expect there to be consequences.

You may not be living in disobedience, but you may be disillusioned with life. You may feel like giving up, walking out and throwing in the towel.
You may have taken your eyes off God.
My advice to you today is DON’T.

Have I ever been disobedient? YES.
Have I ever been disillusioned? YES.

But the key is repenting quickly and getting back on track. Asking God to reveal Himself again to you and get into His presence.
Don’t let it go on for years, like the Israelites.

Live in God’s blessing. Stay in God’s blessing. Crave God’s presence in your life and live a life of honour to the King of Kings.

Pastor Gillian

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