Fresh Hope – 22nd October 2016

I’m going to ask you today who can you encourage?
You may say, “stop there, I need encouraging!”
Well if that is true, then you certainly need to encourage someone else. Because whatever we sow we will definitely reap.

When you encourage someone, you can actually be that person’s lifeline without even knowing about it.
Many a person has been saved because of a timely encouragement.
You can pick up the phone today and say something lovely to someone. You can write them a card or buy them some flowers, you can even take the easy option and send them a text message, even so, your words can be powerful today in encouraging someone along their journey.

What if someone is crying out today for someone to care about them? What if someone wants to give up today? You may just be that person they need.
Don’t ever be too busy to encourage, don’t ever be too selfish to encourage, don’t ever see it as too insignificant.
Encouragement doesn’t have to cost money, but it is powerful.

Be an encourager today!

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of loving.