Fresh Hope – 4th November 2016

There are different reactions to turbulence.
Some people are totally not fazed by it at all, it’s almost like they’re not aware it’s happening. They stay calm and really are not showing any signs of fear, concern or worry about the sudden shaking of the aircraft.

There are those maybe like me, who start to wonder about it, even write about it and pray a little through it, but deep down are knowing it’s only temporary and it will soon pass.

Then there are those who are really bothered by it and maybe although not outwardly shouting, are inwardly in great turmoil.

When life throws you some turbulence, be at peace. God has everything in His control. HE is the pilot. You couldn’t be in safer hands.
By all means, think it through and certainly you should pray and perhaps ask yourself and God “what am I to learn from this experience?”

But don’t freak out and get fearful, because if you do, you’ll affect those around you also in a negative way. Fear breeds fear.

God didn’t promise that the journey would always be easy, but He did promise to always be with you, and that’s the best promise anyone could hope for.

Pastor Gillian

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