Fresh Hope – 18th November 2016

In the New Testament,  we read the story of the death of Lazarus.

Watch this…Jesus asked Mary and Martha to take him to the place where they had buried Lazarus.
He needed to be involved at that moment.
Jesus wants you to take Him to the place where you have buried something so that He can resurrect it.
Have you buried a dream? Take Jesus to where you buried it and let Him resurrect it.
Have you buried your courage and faith because of something that happened to you? Take Him right to that place and let Him resurrect it.
Have you buried a sin, hoping that no one will find or discover it? You certainly need Jesus to visit that place with you, so that it can be forgiven and dealt with.
Have you buried your love? Take Him to that place where it once burned bright, He has the power to resurrect it.

I’m asking you today what have you buried?
Until you let Jesus visit your burial place, He cannot resurrect it.

When Lazarus had been there a few days, he started to stink and what you have buried will stink also, until you allow Jesus to resurrect it .

Remember this: Whenever God reveals a mess in the Boboe, it’s always to reveal a message.

So let the resurrection power of Jesus take hold of you today and see and experience the miracle for yourself.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.