Fresh Hope – 23rd November 2016

If you’ve ever travelled by plane you will know that it’s reported to be one of the safest forms of travel. However, if you have a fear of flying (like I used to) then it can seem far from safe, with every bump and creak playing out as a potential disaster inside your mind.

A friend of mine that flies frequently, tells how on one plane ride that the passengers were shaken from their seats as the aircraft fell for a few seconds. Passengers screamed, overhead compartments opened and bags flew across the aisles.

After a few moments the pilot explained what had happened. The control tower had radioed to tell him that they were on a collision course with another aircraft and if he had not taken evasive action, people would have been hearing about an air disaster on the evening news. The pilot apologised to everyone but explained it was his only option to keep them safe. The control tower’s ability to see the whole picture and the pilot’s willingness to trust and obey saved everyone’s lives.

The Holy Spirit is God’s control tower. He sees the end from the beginning and wants to guide you accurately through your life.

Each day He may speak to you and instruct you about things that you don’t understand and even things that you may question. However, if you’ll just trust and obey you’ll find out one day that He was saving you from a potential disaster.

Many times over the years I have watched people ignore the sound advice of the Holy Spirit, only to find themselves in a disaster that they could have averted if only they would have trusted His voice.

Trust His voice.

He’s looking out for you.

Romans 8:14 For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God.

Pastor Mark

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