Fresh Hope – 7th December 2016

No one likes pain.

For those that have followed the last three weeks of ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here’, you will know only too well that pain is difficult to bear, but can lead to amazing results and rewards if you’ll see it through.

For those that have watched from the comfort of our arm chairs, we can see not only the worst in people but the very best too. We have witnessed with our own eyes that most of the celebrities taking part have gone through a life transformation in three weeks, this being mainly due to the endurance of pain.

People that stay away from pain remain the same people – nothing changes.

When the ‘world famous’ Joseph in the Bible endured the pain of rejection, betrayal, prison and false accusation, he took it on the chin and allowed it to forge his character, making him a very different person.

Here are some thoughts on the pain of change:

– When you change, you will have to leave certain people behind.

– a sure sign of no change is that you are still trying to please everyone from your past.

– when you make your home in the pit or the prison, it’s a sure sign that you are not ready to reach the palace.

– when your attitude towards those that have hurt you is revenge, then you’ll know that you haven’t grown up yet.

–  when you do come into abundant supply, a better position or authority and you use it to bless even your enemies, then you know that you’ve grown up.

– never apologise for changing to those that haven’t.

– when people leave your life, do not try to stop them – it’s so that you will be free to grow.

– your personal growth will either attract people or repel people.

– if people complain that you’ve changed, make sure that the change taking place is in the right direction.

Why wait for the new year? Give yourself permission to change today.

Pastor Mark

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