Fresh Hope – 12th December 2016

A love affair is between two people who are infatuated with each other. The feeling has to be mutual.
If you love someone and it’s not reciprocated then it’s known as a ‘crush’!

How many times have you loved someone and they didn’t want to know? Or they didn’t love you, like the way you loved them? That’s hard.

I had a crush on a boy in my junior school, one on David Cassidy the pop star and also Donny Osmond. But on all three occasions, they were just crushes, not love affairs. They didn’t want to know :(

God loves us in such a way that He gave His only son for us. His love for us is much more than a crush, yet is it a love affair?
Do you love him back the same way? You will probably never love Him like He loves you, yet my desire is to love Him more every day.
A love affair needs great commitment and communication to keep it fresh and alive.

How are you doing with yours today?

“We love, because He first loved us” – 1 John 4v19

Pastor Gillian

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