Fresh Hope – 24th December 2016

I was travelling with my friend the other day who has three very small children.
We asked her how they were. What she said was very beautiful and very profound – she said that her three year old was at a stage where “Prayer solved everything.”
Maybe if his finger was hurting…prayer¬†solved everything.
If he was hungry…prayer solved everything.
If his older brother was being mean to him…prayer solved everything.

We can learn a lot from children, because indeed ‘Prayer does solve everything.’

It’s Christmas Eve today. Remember this: whatever sort of Christmas you are facing…good or bad, remember to pray.

Remember not to carry your worry and concerns yourself, but bring them to Jesus.
Bring your thanks and appreciation and count your blessings today.

Prayer solves everything. When you pray, God listens and brings you His wonderful peace.

Have a happy¬†and joyful Christmas and remember Jesus – He’s the reason for the season.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.