Fresh Hope – 16th January 2017

As we continue in our days of prayer and fasting, here are some thoughts from 1 Kings chapter 18 to encourage you.

The nation was in a famine. Maybe your life feels like that? Nothing is growing, everything seems dry and there seems no end to it.
You’ve prayed and you can’t see the answer yet.

Elijah the man of God in this story, didn’t just pray about it, he believed it.
He said to his servant not once but several times to go and look for the clouds because they were surely coming. He believed for the answer.

Your prayers right now may seem unanswered, but God is certainly on the move.
Don’t be influenced by negative reports.
Don’t be put off by ‘no sign’ of your prayer getting answered.

Like Elijah, you have to get into a place of “I can hear it, but I can’t yet see it”, “I’m expecting it, even though with my physical eye, I can’t see it yet.”

He kept telling his servant to go and look because he could hear the answer. The servant did what was asked, several times. Until eventually he came back with a great report. “Yes master, I see a cloud, it’s only small, but the rain is coming.”

Be assured that God is answering your prayers, He’s on it.

When faith accompanies your praying…God loves that.

Pastor Gillian

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