Fresh Hope – 19th January 2017

The defining moments of my life have determined who I have become. Take away just one of them – good or bad -and I would not be the same person.

The defining moments that lie before everyone of us today will continue to shape who we become in the future.

As I look back, so far, over my life and reflect on them, I can see that all of them fall into different categories.

Leadership expert, John Maxwell, says there are four categories that each of our defining moments will be filed under.
Ground breakers – many of my defining moments enabled me to start something new. One such defining moment happened just two years ago when I felt that many people would benefit from receiving some fresh inspiration every morning before they went to work or in fact at any time they decided during the day. ‘Fresh Hope’ was born and now has a following on our app that is quickly working its way towards 3000. It gives daily hope to people from all walks of life and from all parts of the world.

Heart breakers – not all defining moments are positive ones. All of us will have experienced some very difficult moments I’m sure, but those experiences give us a valuable opportunity to stop and take stock of our lives and change direction if necessary.

Cloud breakers – back in 1992 I felt strongly that God had spoken to me about buying a two acre piece of land. I knew instantly what piece of land it was, but didn’t know at that time what it would be used for. Today our church stands on that property and is home to hundreds of people that gather there each weekend. We had been ‘on the road’ for almost 15 years when we opened the brand new building seven years ago this week, and little did we know that the ‘cloud’ that was keeping us from growing beyond two hundred people was now to be lifted as the church quickly grew and more than trebled in size.

Chart breakers – the finest defining moments allow a person to soar to a much higher level. A number of years ago I felt moved to give a very large donation from our church to a very needy but worthy cause. The money was being held in an account to enable us to build our own new building. We really were in need of that money ourselves, but I was convinced it was the right thing to do. That one act of giving resulted not only in supernatural finance coming back to us within nine months but also has remarkably opened doors for us to be in relationship with many outstanding people all across the world. That one defining moment became a chart breaker for us at the time and we are still feeling the effects today.

You don’t get to choose your defining moments – they choose you when least expected. But you do get to chose how you respond to them, and i can safely say that we become better people when we experience a defining moment and respond to it correctly.

Pastor Mark

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