Fresh Hope – 21st January 2017

One of my favourite ever Bible verses has to be from Psalm 92 ‘Those who are planted in the House of the Lord will flourish’; it also goes on to say ‘They will bear fruit in old age. They will stay fresh and green.’

Let me encourage you from these verses today.

Here are a few pointers…

1. You have to be planted.
There’s planted and there’s planted.
Every year when I put my bedding plants into my garden, my husband asks me “have you pushed them in properly?”
Sometimes through laziness and lack of time, I will do it quickly. But one thing I have learnt: if it’s not pushed in properly, it won’t grow and it will die.
If you don’t push yourself down into the house of God and plant yourself fully, you will not be flourishing.
You have a responsibility to push yourself in deep. Get committed, get involved, get planted.

2. I love the word flourish – it means to do really good. Unfortunately, some people flourish and some don’t.
Ask yourself today, “am I flourishing?”

3. Age doesn’t matter. You can still be old and flourishing for God. You can still bear fruit and you can still be used by God in a great way. How awesome is that? The world may have written you off because of your age, but not God, you are useful to Him as long as you have breath.

4. Stay green and fresh.
We don’t buy vegetables and fruit that have gone past their ‘sell by date’. We buy the freshest, we buy the greenest – even if it means looking at the back of the shelf and reaching for the best pack.
When you’re not planted firmly, you may be past your ‘sell by date’ because you’re not green and you’re not fresh. The way we stay green and fresh, is to stay planted in God’s house.

So get planted, stay planted and let God do the flourishing in your life.

Pastor Gillian

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