Fresh Hope – 22nd February 2017

Proverbs 3 vs 1-2 says “My Son, do not forget my teaching, but keep my commands in your heart, for they will prolong your life many years and bring you prosperity..”

God’s teaching and commands are there for a reason.
Why? To bring us prosperity and a great long life.
We’d certainly like that, yet are not always eager to do what His word asks.

If there was a cream out there that promised to prolong our lives, or a power drink that promised us prosperity, we’d be drinking it by the gallon, or rubbing it all over every day.

Yet God’s word says simply this: obey my commands and the results will be the same.

In our society, people think they can please themselves with no thought for God or His word and yet expect to be blessed.
God’s rules are there for our blessing and our protection. He has the perfect plan for our lives.
If we choose to operate within that, then our lives WILL be blessed. If we choose to do the opposite, we do so at our own peril.

If you follow the Maker’s instructions, you’ll get perfect results every time.

Choose to follow God’s word today.
Choose to follow His road map for your life.
HE knows what He’s doing.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.