Fresh Hope – 3rd March 2017

Matthew 14:22…Jesus made the disciples get into the boat and go on ahead of him to the other side…

More lessons from a storm (continued from yesterday)…

Trouble doesn’t mean that God has abandoned you. The disciples learned that Jesus may be out of sight, but He’s never out of touch. To ‘walk by faith, and not by sight’ means that sometimes you’ll walk in darkness without visible cues. Someone put it this way: ‘when you can’t trace His hand, you can trust His heart.’

When the disciples were being tossed around in the boat, Jesus was up on a mountain praying for them. He was totally aware of the problem and was working on the solution. Just because He’s not present, it doesn’t mean He’s not there.
Between the command to ‘go’ and your safe arrival on the other side, there’s often a crisis. Jesus commanded them to cross to the other shore, but before the trip was completed, their world experienced upheaval.

What’s buffeting your life today – loss, guilt, loneliness, financial pressure, illness, addiction, rejection?

Instead of sinking in fear, ride the waves by faith. Those very same waves will carry you quickly to exactly where you need to be.

‘We must embrace the pain, and burn it as fuel for our journey’ – Kenji Miyazawa
Pastor Mark

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