Fresh Hope – 6th March 2017

When each of our children were growing in the early stages of their lives, they each would complain of a similar type of pain that they were experiencing. When we took them to the Doctors, we would hear the familiar words…”these are simply growing pains.”

As we grow in life we cannot avoid pain, but what we can do, is identify it.

Craig Groeschel is Pastor of one of the largest churches¬†in the world. What he has to say on the subject of pain is far too valuable to keep from sharing…

‘The¬†longer I avoid a problem, the bigger it generally becomes. If I summon the courage to endure small amounts of pain and do what’s right early, I will avoid larger doses of pain later on.
Pain is part of progress. Anything that grows experiences some pain. If I avoid all pain, I’m avoiding growth.
Often the difference between where I am and where God wants me to be is the pain I’m unwilling to endure. Doing what’s right – no matter how difficult – is a rare trait. Most chose easy. We must always choose right over easy.
God is always faithful. Even when life is hard, God is working for our good. Pain teaches us to depend on Him. It purifies our motives. It keeps us humble and moves us to pray.’

‘We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey’ – Kenji Miyazawa

Pastor Mark

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