Fresh Hope – 13th March 2017

For Christmas, my Nan was given a 1000 piece puzzle. She recently told me how for the first six weeks, she had spent every single day working on it and was now nearing completion.

Myself and a few of my family went to see her one night and decided to help her finish it. In order to be of as much assistance as I could, I decided to adopt a method of picking up a piece, seeing if it fit, and if didn’t, putting it back down and repeating the process. I think I contributed two pieces during the 45 minutes we were there…

The reason I share with you that story is because I believe that many of us take that same approach with life. We identify that there is a missing piece on the inside of us, a gap, a hole, a feeling of emptiness. So we begin picking up different pieces, hoping that they will fill the void in our lives.

However, I want to save you a lot of time, energy, effort and resource by telling you that this missing piece on the inside of you is a God-shaped hole and only He can fill it.

Relationships can’t fill it, substances won’t do it, nothing in this world can eliminate that sense of emptiness, that lack of meaning and purpose that’s on the inside of you, apart from the One who created you – God Himself.

Today, make a choice to put down all of the pieces that were never intended to complete you and turn to God. He’s everything you’ve been looking for and more.

Caleb Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.