Fresh Hope – 14th March 2017

If you want your future to be bright, what you’re doing NOW matters.

Think about it. The decisions you make today will affect your tomorrow. The choices you make today will shape your tomorrow.

We are our choices.

Sometimes we can be in a place we don’t like. But if it’s God’s will for us we have to stick with it, because tomorrow can be different.
If I don’t like my weight or fitness level, I need to start making changes today, in order for tomorrow to be different.
If I don’t like my relationships today, if they’re not propelling me towards a greater future, then today I have to make some decisions to change them.

David was a great harp player. He was not only good but anointed. He found himself playing the harp for a demon possessed king, Saul. Yet all the time he was anointed for something far greater (to be a King himself) . He chose what God placed in front of him right then, allowed God to use him in that and in doing so, was getting ready for a greater future.

You see what we choose to do today, and how we choose to do it, WILL affect our future.

You may wonder why you are doing what you are doing today, yet what you do today will affect your tomorrow.

We all have an opportunity for a bright future, just choose wisely today.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.