Fresh Hope – 1st April 2017

A favourite movie of ours is ‘The Fighting Temptations’ – you should see it, if you haven’t.

The title makes me think about how most days we are tempted – maybe it’s just to eat the whole box of cream cakes, but surely as the sun comes up each morning, we will get tempted.

Here’s some common misconceptions about temptation

1. “Temptation is sin.”

No it isn’t. Jesus Himself was tempted, yet without sin.

2. “I’m the only one struggling with this temptation.”

No you’re not. You’re not that special.

3. “There’s no way I can overcome this temptation.”

Yes there is, it’s called self control, discipline – know your Bible and remember the verse ‘He that is in me, is greater than he that is in the world.’

4. “I’m a very strong person, I’ll never get tempted or pulled down.”

Be careful; Jesus was tempted but not pulled down. The Bible teaches us “be careful so that you do not fall.”
How can I get stronger and withstand temptation?

Have a great relationship with God. (Jesus did)
Know your Bible. (Jesus did)
Be aware of the enemies schemes. Be wise. (Jesus was).

Take your lead from Him today and know that He is always with you and that whatever the temptation, you can withstand.

Pastor Gillian

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