Fresh Hope – 8th April 2017

In John 20, Jesus appears to His disciples having just risen from the dead. They were obviously overwhelmed by this visitation.
Thomas however, wasn’t there at that time, so when he was told later that day, he said “unless I see it for myself, I won’t believe.”

We can be like that. We can say we won’t believe until we see, yet we believe in gravity that we can’t see, yet we¬†know it’s real. We believe in the wind, even though we can’t physically see it, but we can see its effects.
Many of us believe in Australia even though we’ve never been, because we know someone that has been there and so we believe them.

Later on in that chapter, Jesus says “blessed is the man who believes, even though he has not seen.” The correct translation of ‘blessed’ here is ‘makarios’ – which means ridiculously happy.

When you are praying for something that you have yet to see, keep believing that you will see it, because you will be blessed.
Your marriage may not be good right now, but you have to believe it will be, before you see it.
Your health may not be good right now, but believe for your healing before you actually see it.
Your situation may need a miracle…believe it can be different and you will see.

“Blessed is the man or woman who believes , but has not yet seen.”

God wants you to apply faith to your situation, to your prayer request.
Don’t ask God for one thing and start to believe another.

Don’t be like Thomas, be a BELIEVER…then you WILL see.

Pastor Gillian

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