Fresh Hope – 29th May 2017

On Saturday, we read about having higher thoughts and trusting God’s higher ways.

I love to read about the Eagle…
– It can fly higher than any other bird
– Its wing span can reach 9 feet across
– It uses the stormy weather to soar higher
– It has an amazing view because of the height it reaches.

The Bible talks a lot about eagles and a lot about high places.

You’ll never see an eagle mixing with a chicken. Why? Because a chicken can’t get very far off the ground, but an eagle was made to fly high.
An eagle and a chicken were not meant to mix or mate.

Maybe one of the reasons you cant get very far off the ground, is that you’re mixing with chickens, when you should be mixing with eagles.
You’ll end up with the potential of an eagle, but starting to sound like, behave like and live like a chicken. How sad is that?

You have been created for a higher purpose, a higher way of thinking and you need to get to some higher places.

Jesus often went to some high places to pray. Why? Because there aren’t many people there, it’s never crowded and he needed that special place.
God often met with people in high places.

Did you know that whatever situation you find yourself in today, you have the opportunity to get to a higher place?
When you get there, you can behave like the eagle and USE the storm to help you soar.

Desire to go higher in your life today. Make some decisions that will help you get there. However hard they may be, they will certainly be worth it.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.