Fresh Hope – 5th June 2017

The resurrection of Jesus is of course an astounding miracle…God raises His Son from the dead after being in a tomb for three days. It doesn’t get any better than this.

I then began to think to myself, ‘why after performing such a phenomenal miracle, would God chose to leave the holes in Jesus’ hands, created by the nails that were driven through as He was hung to the cross? Surely God could’ve amended that issue…?’

But I think God knew something when He made that very intentional decision, and that is, what your words cannot show people, your scars will.

It is possible that you yourself have some scars. Maybe you’ve been broken and life has dealt you some pretty tough blows. What you need to know is that God can heal you and God can resurrect you, but often He chooses to allow the scars to remain, so that other people may see Him through them.

You see, God is not always found in your success, but He’s often found in your scars.

It amazes me that the very thing we would hide away, God chose to put on display.

And today, you may be embarrassed or even ashamed of your brokenness, but I want to encourage you that God has a plan for your scars. It is through your brokenness that God wants to reveal Himself, it is through your hurt that God wants to give other people hope, it is through your scars that God wants to set other people free, that they might recognise, if God brought them through it, He can bring me through it too.

Caleb Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.