Fresh Hope – 12th June 2017

Often there are situations in our lives that don’t seem to ‘shift’.

When Daniel in the Old Testament was faced with a dilemma, he decide to fast and pray. He didn’t want to do what the others did and eat the choice wine and food, he decided to set himself apart, because he was believing for a breakthrough.

Here’s some things that will happen when you do.

1. He came out better than the rest.
He only ate fruit and vegetables and he came out looking healthier and better than all the others. So much so, that everyone noticed. He not only looked better, it says his gift was 10 times better.

Here’s the lesson: when we give up something for God, we’ll come out better than those who didn’t. God always rewards sacrifice.

2. When you earnestly pray, God will answer.
When no one else got the answer to the need, Daniel did! He didn’t panic, stress or say “oh no, what are we going to do?” He just said “guys, we need to pray.”

Here’s the lesson: When you focus on the problem, the problem gets bigger. When you focus on Jesus, you get the answer.

3. God reveals stuff to those who seek Him
Yes, Daniel received revelation and answers, all because He had taken time to pray and fast. In this instance, it was the answer to a weird dream that he urgently needed.

Here’s the lesson: when you take time seek God and pray, He will give you the answers you need.

Continued tomorrow….

Pastor Gillian

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