Fresh Hope – 13th June 2017

Continuing from yesterday when we were looking at the life of Daniel, and what happens when we take time to set ourselves apart and really seek God…

4. You will get great favour.
Daniel got many lavish things thrown at his life because he heard from God and helped the King.

Lesson:There will be times that God’s favour is obviously on your life. Don’t be embarrassed by it, just embrace it and be thankful for it. God rewards those who earnestly seek Him. (Hebrews 11 v 6)

5. You can’t be touched.
Because of some nasty schemes, by some nasty people, Daniel got thrown into the lion’s den. But God shut the mouths of the lions.

Lesson: God will be your protector when you honour Him.

6. God will sort your enemy.
Daniel walked free from the lion’s den and his accusers got thrown in!

Lesson: its not your concern to worry about those who come against you. God will sort it. Every time.
Learn some lessons from Daniel, set yourselves apart to honour God with your life and just see what He will do.

Pastor Gillian

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