Fresh Hope – 17th June 2017

Here’s a few thoughts to encourage your Saturday.

1. It’s not what you feel, it’s what you know.

If we only ever did what we felt like, we wouldn’t do a lot. I don’t always feel like brushing my teeth, taking a shower or getting out of bed, but it’s what I know to be good and right.
Sometimes we may not feel like God is with us, but He is.
Sometimes we may not feel like He loves us, but He does.
We may not feel like there’s a purpose to our lives, but His purpose is perfect for our lives, as long as we remain faithful.

Don’t always go on feelings, they made lead you up the garden path.
Go on what you know is true.

2. If you don’t learn it, you wont know it.

There’s a saying that says ‘what you learn in the light, you can practise in the dark’. That is saying, that in good times, learn as much as you can, because when you’re in a dark situation, you may have to call on that which you know to be true, to help you through.
But if you haven’t learnt it, you wont know it.

3. Learning often comes the hard way.

Oh yes it does. How often have you said that to your children?
But learning stuff often comes when times are hard.
This is what I’ve learnt through my many years as a Christian. That when I’m going through a tough time, I ask God ‘what should I be learning from this?’ Then if I’m mature, I’ll be happy to be teachable and learn quickly. (If I’m immature, I won’t want to know).

Learning may often come the hard way, but learn we must, If we want to become championsĀ in life.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.