Fresh Hope – 17th July 2017

Sometimes we really need to ‘push’ for things in our lives, yet we don’t get very far.
Sometimes when life is hard and the going gets tough, it’s easier to give up, rather than push through.

People can be interesting. If there is a clearance sale, or a long queue in the supermarket, we will ‘push’ forward rather than stand at the back.
In a queue of traffic, my husband will often go in the wrong lane, rather than queue in the correct one.

Yet there are times when God wants us to push through for things and we don’t. We say instead ‘whatever will be, will be.’

The Bible talks about us putting on our armour, taking up our weapons and going after the great things that God has for us. God never teaches us to just sit back and see what happens.

Today, I encourage you to push forward with that request, that dream or desire, that thing you are believing God for.

P.U.S.H – pray until something happens.

If life has given you a raw deal, if your marriage isn’t what it should be, if your health is not good…PUSH.
If your children are away from God, if your job is not your dream, if you are living a life that is not one to the full…PUSH.

Don’t give up. Pray until something happens.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.