Fresh Hope – 29th July 2017

Lots of people decide to quit when life gets hard. If the enemy has got you to quit, he has done a good job! Think about it.

I occasionally talk to people who think about quitting. Why? Because life is hard, stuff is hard, work can be hard, school/college, relationships – no one ever promised us that life would be easy.

Don’t you think it was hard for Michael Phelps the US record- holding Olympic gold medalist to win 23 golds? Or do we think that was somehow easy?
Don’t you think there were times when he wanted to quit?
When he wanted to stay out late with mates, instead of being in bed ridiculously early because of training the next day?
When he wanted to stay in bed on those winter mornings, when it would have been far easier to do so?
When he really wanted to eat loads of cheesecake, when that wasn’t on his diet sheet?
When he didn’t want to do any more laps because he was tired?

Of course it was hard and of course life is hard too.

Wasn’t it hard for Moses and Daniel and Noah and Esther and all the Bible greats?
Wasn’t it hard for Jesus to go to the cross for each one of us?

Sometimes me and you can be quite pathetic, when it comes to giving up too easily. Sometimes the slightest thing or distraction can take us off course.

Please don’t give up today. Stay the course. Go for gold. Push through.

I’m glad Jesus didn’t quit and neither should you. You can do it.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.