Fresh Hope – 3rd August 2017

At 18, George Frederick Handel was the harpsichordist at the Kaiser’s Opera house in Hamburg, Germany. By 21 he was a keyboard virtuoso and a celebrated composer by appointment to the king of England.

Yet despite all this, he faced terrible adversity. First, there was the fierce rivalry of the English composers. Next, there were the fickle audiences who often didn’t show up for his performances. Several times he was on the verge of bankruptcy. Finally, he suffered a stroke on his left side and temporarily lost the use of four fingers on his right hand. At 56, deeply discouraged, fearing he’d land in the debtors prison, he gave what he considered to be his farewell concert. To him, life had become one big rut and he didn’t know how to climb out of it.
Then something incredible happened. That same year, a wealthy friend visited him and gave him what was called a ‘libretto’, (the text to an opera or other musical piece) based on the life of Christ. It intrigued him and stirred his emotions, so he began writing. Immediately the floodgates of inspiration opened and for the next 21 days he wrote almost non-stop. During the following three days, he created the orchestrations. In just 25 days, George Frederick Handel, the man who had decided that his life is over, created the 260 page masterpiece known to us as Handel’s Messiah!

Royal protocol demands that all Kings and Queens stand for the playing of the Hallelujah Chorus.

Fearing that you may be too old and past it for God to use you in the same great way?
Take heart today and make a decision to…

  1.  Forget your past

2. Confront your fears

3. Seize your God-given opportunities as they come knocking on your door.

The best is yet to come!

Pastor Mark

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