Fresh Hope – 9th August 2017

There was a time not too long ago in which we enjoyed the more simple things of life.

I remember as a child going out to play for hours on end without any thought of having to report back home to let them know things were ok.

In my early teens, I would go out on my push bike on a Saturday and travel for miles with my mates and never think about the fact that we ought to be going home or at least finding a phone box, as someone may be worried about us. Nowadays, there’s hardly an hour that passes by between kids and parents when a text isn’t sent to find out where they are. Rightly so, in most cases.

Then there were the holiday photographs, which would remain in the camera for months on end until you’d finished the roll of film. You could hardly wait to get your full colour pictures back to show everyone what an amazing holiday you’d had six months earlier. Now it’s instantaneous and a minute by minute account of your daily life for all to see.

With the rise of social media, which can be an incredibly positive thing, we now can find out what many people had for dinner last night! This used to remain a private affair, but now the whole world can see exactly what you had, where you went, and who with.

As human beings, we are drawn into the fascination with other people’s lives, but sadly the power of comparison is the biggest joh killer on the planet.

Their family is better than mine…their figure is more toned than mine…their food is better than mine…their holiday was more exotic than mine, and before too long you have downgraded your own life to a miserable existence, simply because you are busy bodying yourself with everyone else’s life rather than focusing on the life that God gave to YOU.

Remember that most of what you see on social media is filtered and staged and is not so real as you think. Every great pouting pic is the very best shortlisted shot from a hundred awful ones.

Have you ever wondered why the Bible says this…

‘We hear that some among you are idle and disruptive. They are not busy; they are busybodies.’ 2 Thessalonians 3:11

How many people find themselves trapped in an existence of being a constant busybody, simply by trawling through endless Instagram and Facebook updates on an hour by hour basis?

Give yourself permission today to get off the band wagon and make a decision to either greatly reduce your social media intake or dare I say…stop it altogether. It’s making you lazy and the judge and jury over stuff that in the past you would have never known about anyway.

You will get back to living a far more productive life if you will simply set yourself free from being the ‘media police’, and get back the joy of doing what YOU were created for.

I have enough trouble managing my own life let alone trying to ‘manage’ thousands of other people’s lives across the world, most of whom couldn’t care less about what I think anyway, and quite rightly so.

God has not called you to give an opinion on anyone else’s life apart from your own. The only exceptions to that are those in your family, those who are closest to you, and those who you may have been given responsibility over to lead. These people value what you may have to say to them in a gracious and loving manner. Apart from that…keep your nose out of other people’s business.

It’s a modern day choice, but a very necessary one.

Get your joy back today.

Pastor Mark

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