Fresh Hope – 30th August 2017

There’s a story in the Bible known as the parable of the talents where a master entrusts three of his servants with his wealth before he goes away for a certain period of time. To one servant, he entrusts five talents, to the second, he entrusts two and to the third, he gives one.

Upon the master’s return, he discovers that the first two servants have doubled his investment, but the third servant buried his in the ground and therefore saw no multiplication attached to it.

This story is a reflection of us and God. He is the master and we are His servants. I began to see that maybe the talents in this story are not simply a representation of money, but of people. After all, God’s greatest wealth is you and I…

You see, everyday we are entrusted with people. Some of us have influence over more than others, but whether it be one or 1000, God has made you responsible for somebody.

It’s so easy to be like the third servant and decide to bury people in the ground. The reason being is that we don’t see potential in them and don’t think they could ever grow beyond who they currently are.

But I want to encourage you today to be like the first two servants, who saw great potential in what they had been entrusted with.

Who has God placed in your world that you need to take care of, that you need to invest in, that you need to speak life over? Because when you do those things, watch how God will bring multiplication into their life and yours like never before.

Caleb Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.