Fresh Hope – 2nd September 2017

In 1 Samuel, we read about how Hannah was desperate for a baby…and I mean desperate.
Her husband, Elkannah had two wives, The one wife had children, Hannah didn’t.
But Hannah was his favourite and she cried out to God in total desperation and against all odds, God gave her a son, Samuel.

Now I could speak today about Samuel and how God had a great plan for his life (because he did), because even though Samuel was born, he should never have been, because Hannah was barren. God’s plan will always be fulfilled, no matter how strongly the odds are against you.

Here’s 3 things to learn from Hannah
1. She had to get desperate.
Get yourself to a place of crying out to God for your dream to become a reality. Because when you do, God hears. God heard her cry and He will hear yours.

2. She gave back to God.
Hannah was so thankful to God for blessing her with Samuel, that she offered him back to God to be mightily used ( and he was). When God blesses you, don’t forget to give back.

3. God blessed her more than before.
She was blessed eternally for what she had done. She actually gave birth to three sons and two daughters. Wow!

You may not see the future right now, but God does.
You may feel desperate like Hannah.
God has a plan and a purpose. Trust Him. Give yourself fully to Him and His plan will not only come to pass through you, but future generations.

Pastor Gillian

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