Fresh Hope – 4th September 2017

Today most people find themselves living for position, or maybe even fighting for it.

Our careers are usually built on what position we can obtain and life outside work can easily be built on looking for a greater position in life – be it a better car, bigger house or more stuff!

God has called us all with a plan and purpose, and it is here where we can find our true position in life.

Let us take encouragement from the life of King David, who on his journey through life always held onto God and found his position in Him.

Whether during his time as shepherd boy, watching his family’s sheep and protecting them from predators or as a boy who defeated a giant, a soldier serving his king or the king’s personal musician, he knew where to find his true position in life.

Many times David writes in Psalms that God was his helper, his protection, his shield, his father, his hope and refuge.

I believe it was this confession and understanding that gave David his position, which allowed him the ability to endure great trials and battles, knowing that whatever he faced, he knew that God was his strength and source as well as his place of security.

Today, let us remember that God wants to also be our shelter, our protector and our safe place. Once we accept this then our lives will be in a much greater position – firmly in God’s hands.
He will always set us on the right path in life.

Adam Nash

A daily devotion for a better way of living.