Fresh Hope – 5th September 2017

About a year ago, I was looking after my brother and sister. We decided to head over to the park, and on our way back, a man was walking on the opposite side of the road. My brother (who is incredibly extroverted) began shouting ‘hello!’ ‘hello!’ ‘hello!’ across the road to this man, who was quite embarrassed about a small boy shouting at him.

Confused by the entire situation (my brother clearly thought this man should know who he is), I began to quiz my brother about what he was doing and why he’s heckling this poor man. I was ready to give him a lecture about not talking to strangers and the dangers that it involves when I asked him ‘Why are you talking to that man?’ His answer astounded me. ‘Lucy, if I don’t say hello to someone, how can we ever become friends?’ Whilst, yes a child shouldn’t talk to any random person, my brother actually spoke some truth on that day.

Every person that you know in your life, you know them because at one point or another, someone decided to say ‘hello’. As a result of that ‘hello’, you are now acquaintances/friends/family/maybe even husband or wife. Often, I think we can over complicate situations that are actually really simple. God wants to use your everyday conversations and situations to point people to Him. However, God can’t do that unless you begin the conversation.

Today, who can you talk to? What new relationships can you build that help point people to Jesus? Don’t overcomplicate things. God can take the most simple things and use them to change someone’s life.

Lucy Lawrence

A daily devotion for a better way of living.