Fresh Hope – 16th September 2017

How many times do we let trials and hardships take us down?

Do you ever throw yourself a pity party?

Do you ever feel sorry for yourself and hibernate because ‘Life is too hard’?

Today I want to challenge you to not let circumstances take you down.

You see, trials do not mean that God has left us and they do not mean that He doesn’t have a plan for us, or that He has forgotten us.

I love the story of Ruth in the Old Testament.
In a nutshell…her husband died, this alone was tragic.
Then her father-in-law died and so did her brother-in-law – what a difficult, devastating time.

Then she went through a time of famine to go hand in hand with the hardship and devastation.

BUT God was with her! And hers is one of the greatest stories ever recorded in scripture.

Her story and life turned out amazing.
Boaz was waiting for her and the rest is history.

So if you’re going through it today, learn from Ruth

1. Stay faithful
2. Have a great attitude
3. Trust God
4. Believe that your best is yet to come

Pastor Gillian

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