Fresh Hope – 25th September 2017

Often we can find ourselves in life in a difficult situation and say or think that God is testing us.
Maybe our marriage isn’t what it should be, or our finances are very tight. Maybe our children are away from God or our Manager at work is making life very difficult. Maybe even a serious illness like cancer has come into our world, and we find ourselves saying “God must be testing me.”

Maybe you are waiting for an answer to prayer and you are feeling like you can’t be patient any longer, or you feel like giving up.

The Bible teaches us that God never allows anything to come into our lives that we cannot bear. God is never the author of bad things, but He does allow things into our lives to help us grow and develop and trust Him more.

When you experience difficulty, don’t say “God is testing me”, No, He’s not testing you, He’s TRUSTING you.

He’s trusting you with a situation that He has allowed into your life for a reason.
He’s watching for your attitude, your heart response, your actions, your words and He’s looking for your hope to be planted firmly on Him.

So thank God in every circumstance, that He is trusting you with.
Thank Him that He is trusting you in the waiting, in the being patient.
Thank Him that you can come out better and stronger than before and those around you will see God at work in and through you.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.