Fresh Hope – 29th September 2017

Last night I went to bed and ate two packets of Malteser. One wasn’t enough at the time, and yet two turned out to be too much.
Then I got up this morning and ate two croissants for my breakfast… now I am going to the gym to try and rectify the situation.

You may laugh at me, or even ‘tut’ at me, but I bet we have all done something similar. We think, tomorrow I’ll put it right, tomorrow I’ll start my diet, tomorrow I’ll make a change.

You know what the best thing to do is? To make the right choices in the first place, then you don’t have to correct what you’ve just done wrong.

Life can be like that, we blatantly make wrong choices and we think it’s okay because tomorrow we can sort it. Surely it’s far better that you listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit at the time (who is your guide) or even your conscience and don’t make the wrong choice in the first place?

Yes, God’s grace is amazing, yes God’s forgiveness is total and yes tomorrow I can put things right because of HIS mercy.
But usually people who continue to make wrong choices, will never get very far in life. It’s almost like a circle that goes round and round and round. And then we wonder why we are not where we should be.

Often the easiest choice is the wrong choice (like the Maltesers) and right choices take strength and determination.

Today, make a fresh decision to make some good choices So that your life will head in the right direction and you will take new ground and I guarantee you will feel great.

Now…off to the gym…

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.