Fresh Hope – 9th October 2017

Living in a very natural world, with demanding realities like our jobs, families, friends, finances, and limited bodies, we can very much feel like we are only human.
Reality is that we are in fact spiritual beings having a human experience here on earth.

In fear of “being over spiritual” or “spiritualising everything”, we can disregard, the fact that there is another greater realm always operating. ‘…Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms’ (Ephesians 6:12).
In short, this scripture tells us that our difficulties aren’t always as natural and “normal” as they appear to be. There are often spiritual dynamics at play in our relationships, workplaces, and heart.

The Bible and experience testifies to the fact that the spiritual world holds a greater reality than our natural world and what we simply see on the surface.
This does not mean that we live life on constant look out for demons and the Devil. In fact, it means that the reality of heaven is greater than the reality of the natural. It means that the reality of our supernatural God, surpasses the natural realities or problems of our day to day.
A person is healed from back pain. In reality the person had back pain, but the GREATER REALITY is that Jesus heals.

The reality is that you have bills to pay, but the GREATER REALITY is that God is the ultimate provider with unlimited resources.

The reality is that we may have relationships that are damaged, but the GREATER REALITY is that God is the master of reconciliation and can heal all relational rifts.

As Christians we have to be the first to live in a world of GREATER REALITY, not just reality.

Last night, I spoke to a friend who has had ongoing problems with another mom at her daughter`s school. The rift in the relationship was weighing heavy on my friend and she spent a lot of time asking God for the restoration of their friendship. She felt that she needed to ask the Holy Spirit to restore their connection, rather than intervene in her own effort. Just this week she finally received a text message from the other mom asking if they could meet up for coffee because she wanted to apologise and just couldn’t shake the constant feeling of wanting to restore things between them! Had my friend approached the issue from a ‘natural’ perspective, their rift would have become wider and wider, but in dealing with the issue by the Spirit and not the flesh, breakthrough was made!

Let’s not be ignorant or passive in our faith. It is amazing how your perspective on problems shift when you approach issues with “spiritual eyes”.

Rather than seeing things just on surface level, and how they appear in the natural, consider what is going on at a deeper level, at a spiritual level. Look at the greater reality!

Romans 12:2

Emma Montesi

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