Fresh Hope – 10th October 2017

There’s a phrase used in the world of fitness, ‘don’t skip leg day’, that speaks to the idea that there are many people who work out, but have a tendency to want to avoid any exercise that involves their legs.

Why, you ask? Because it’s painful.

Exercising your lower body can be quite a painful process. But, speak to any personal trainer and they will tell you that leg exercises are some of the best exercises you can do.

It’s true in the world of fitness and it’s true of life in general, that some of your most painful experiences can also be some of your most beneficial experiences.

Our human tendency is to skip what’s painful, and I’ll be the first to say that that includes me too. But allow me to encourage both you and I by saying, don’t skip what’s painful, because often what’s most painful is most fruitful.

You see, pain is often the thing that produces the greatest purpose in our lives. We don’t often believe that pain and purpose can be present both at the same time, however the presence of pain does not equal the absence of purpose. In fact, the two may be a lot more closely connected than you think.

So today, don’t run from pain, embrace it. Because chances are, if it’s hurtin’, it’s helpin’.

Caleb Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.