Fresh Hope – 17th October 2017

What got you here…won’t get you there.

My first 50cc moped just about got me to college every day. College was just three miles away.

My first ‘real’ motorcycle just about got me to my first real job in London every week. London was a 260 mile round trip once a week.

With my first car, I never knew if it would start or not, and would never trust it on a long journey. Today I never have to stop and think about pushing, bump starting or abandoning the car I have – it will get me to places that I would have never dreamed of travelling to before.

Even with having a reliable car, I still know it’s not a suitable form of transport to take me across the world. That’s going to take a whole different form of travel.

In much the same way, your primary school education got you only to your junior school. Your junior school then got you to your secondary school and then your secondary school got you into college, university or a job.

As absurd in their simplicity as all those things are, we do have a tendency to think differently when it comes to our lives. We feel that what got us to where we are today, is able to get us to the next level tomorrow.

Even the miracle that you experienced from God to get you here is not necessarily going to get you to where you need to be next week or next year.

Moving forwards in life requires this very basic understanding, otherwise we would all go straight from the nursery to the workplace.

In the Old Testament (1 Kings v 17), Elijah announces that there will be no more rain until he says so. He was a pretty amazing and accurate man of God.

When the drought kicked in, God told him that he would be fed meat by ravens every day and then he would wash it down with water from the brook.

One day the brook dried up and the ravens stopped coming, so God gave him a further instruction. This time, his provision would come from a different source – that of a poor widow in a small village a few miles away.

Elijah had a choice to make. He could either stay and keep believing that what supplied his need to that point would continue to sustain him, or he could heed God’s further instruction and set off for the next level of provision.

One would see him die and the other would see him live.

Could it be today that you have mistaken the initial instruction from God in your life as one of permanence rather than one of short term provision to get you to the next part of life’s journey?

So often we make the mistake of staying where we were sustained only to find that we are dying there, simply because we believed that that was the only way God could and would provide for us.

Ask yourself at the start of this brand new day…’have I stayed here too long, when I should have moved on to my next level miracle?’

Don’t get too cozy, complacent and comfortable with where you are right now. Just because God did it that way before He may not do it that way ever again.

How many times do you read in the Bible about Jesus spitting in the eyes of the blind so that they could see? The answer is twice. He never repeated that miracle ever again as far as we know.

Maybe God moved powerfully in your life some time back and you are waiting for the exact same thing again. God rarely does repeats, instead He prepares fresh miracles everyday.

There’s one waiting for you right now if you’ll just open your heart to what he wants to say.

Lamentations 3:22-23 Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.

Pastor Mark

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