Fresh Hope – 23rd October 2017

Joseph was a dreamer, in fact God gave him some incredible dreams. Joseph also had people who tried to crush and decry his dream.
Joseph was his Dad’s favourite and his brothers weren’t impressed with that at all, especially when he told them that one day he was going to rule over them (not wise maybe). God told Joseph that he was going to be a great leader one day and Joseph went after his dream.
On the way to that dream, things didn’t turn out as Jospeh had thought or planned. He first found himself in a pit, sold into slavery and ended up in prison. But his dream, God’s dream for his life, was fulfilled and Joseph became a mighty leader and indeed he did rule over his family.

On the way to your dream, you will have people who will discourage you, laugh at you and even physically try and stop you…watch out for dream killers.

On the way to your dream, you will encounter circumstances that will be opposite to what you thought they would be… watch out for those too.

Make sure that you hold firm to the dream that God has placed in your heart. Go after it and don’t turn from it.

Great plans never happen without great sacrifices and great victories are never won without great battles.

Don’t let the negative deter you from what God has for your life. Be an overcomer.
And remember, just like Joseph, nothing great ever came easily.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.