Fresh Hope – 25th October 2017

Right from the opening scene of day one on the planet, the Bible records for us the classic line when it comes to temptation…”did God really say”.

For anyone today that’s reading this and feeling pretty smug that you would never ever be caught out by temptation, then take heed, you are a prime candidate to slip and fall…

1 Corinthians 10:12 So, if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don’t fall!

Being tempted is something that every person on the planet faces; Temptation, said Oscar Wilde, is like birds flying over head, but sin is when you allow them to nest in your hair.

Temptation isn’t sin, it’s just part of our every day experience, but you do have to recognise and deal with it, otherwise you could lose your life, job, family, future and your reputation.

Here are four statements for you to keep fixed in your mind, in order to help you stay strong and avoid being caught in its trap;

The PURPOSE of temptation is to get you to do what you vowed you never would. It will never come in an evil disguise but will always appear as sweetness and light.

The POWER of temptation is such, that you actually believe that what you counted as totally unacceptable, is now thoroughly acceptable.

The PREFERENCE of temptation is that you continue to serve God, but do so as an outright hypocrite.

The POISON of temptation is so strong, that those that challenge your lifestyle, who you once held dear, will now be treated as enemies rather than friends.

The greatest truth that you need to know today is that you can say NO to temptation.

Remember: there’s always free cheese on a mousetrap.

Don’t lose your whole life for one quick moment of pleasure.

Walk away..say no!

Pastor Mark

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