Fresh Hope – 28th October 2017

David was faced with a giant and a giant decision…

Did he go back the way he came and ignore the taunts of the enemy? Or did he do something about it?

What could he do? He was only a young teenager and Goliath was a GIANT.

Thankfully, he decided to do something about it…and with what he had, and what he knew…a sling shot and a few stones, he took down the mighty Goliath and the rest is history.

You see, David slew Goliath because he saw injustice and something that wasn’t right.

When you and I get passionate about something that’s not right, then we are in the right place for God to use us.

How many times are we faced with situations of injustice and things that aren’t right – but we choose to walk away, bury our heads, decide it’s too much trouble, and certainly not wanting to lose our popularity we choose the easiest option, which is do or say nothing?

David took on a mighty force with God on his side and defeated the enemy. You can make a difference today wherever you are and whatever you face.

If you can’t be bothered, you won’t get your David versus Goliath moment and the injustice will continue.

Stand up today and be strong. Take courage. For God is surely with you.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.