Fresh Hope – 11th November 2017

Today I received a message from my friend, telling me she was at the airport and that she’d see me in a few hours.
Now that was interesting, I thought, maybe she knows something I don’t?
Is she coming to see me from the other side of the world as a surprise?

Within a few short moments it all became clear, the message she’d sent to me, should have been for her husband. She was on her way home from an overseas trip and would see him shortly.

Sometimes, in fact often, we can send the wrong message to the wrong person. Maybe you have done just that, sent a text message to the wrong person. Oops! Sometimes that isn’t good.

But also, we can download our concerns, our worries, our complaining, and even too much information to people, when in fact, it’s God we should be bringing it to.

The Bible is very clear about some things, and one is this… “if your brother offends you, go and see HIM”. Don’t take your ‘gripe’ about someone to someone else, they are now affected by your words, when really you should have gone to the person concerned.

Or how often have you become burdened and concerned about someone else’s burdens and concerns, when they should have taken them FIRST to God?

My experience is this: when I get the message to the right person then it will always be dealt with correctly. When someone comes to me with a concern or burden, I will say “have you prayed about this?” Because I know that God has the power all on His own to deal with their request.

For a few moments, I was left confused by my friends message…you may be left affected by someone’s complaint…
BUT God can take it all. His shoulders are big enough to carry your burdens and your cares at any time of day.
The great thing about getting the message to Him is that He has the power to deal with the situation and with you.

Make sure your message gets delivered to the right person today.

Pastor Gillian

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