Fresh Hope – 25th November 2017

We should never dwell on disappointment, because if we do, we will never get to where we are going.

We will always get disappointed in life, that’s a fact, but choosing to stay in that disappointment is up to us.

God has a great future for each of us, but life’s journey will always throw things at us and the enemy of our souls, the Devil himself, will always try to convince us it’s not worth moving on.

In Genesis chapter 11, we read that God asked Terah (Abraham’s Father) to take his whole family to Canaan (the promised land) and they set out, but on the way it says they settled in Haran and Terah died there, not reaching his destiny.

In verse 28 we read that Haran, Terah’s other son, died.
When Terah got to the place called Haran and settled there, maybe it was because all the old memories of his son, Haran, came flooding back.
Maybe, just maybe, the disappointments of the past caused him to stop short of his destination.

Today, beware of disappointments. They will come.
But choose to learn from them and get over them quickly… and then move on.
Do not stay in disappointment.
Do not pause where you aren’t supposed to.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.